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Who uses DealMTRX


The DealMTRX platform simplifies the process for borrowers to grow, enhance, and manage their counterparty relationships while also providing a streamlined workflow platform to execute and track deals. Use the purpose built platform to help manage multiple capital providers on multiple projects while easily navigating the complexities of NDAs, term sheets, data rooms, and documentation.

With access to information on over 3,000 capital providers, including their investment criteria and prior transactions, PE firms can expand their credit and co-investment relationships and determine the best fit for any given situation.


The DealMTRX platform empowers you to become discoverable for relevant deal-flow while maintaining your desired level of privacy. Discover new connections and see new opportunities while simultaneously managing and enhancing your existing relationships. Get access to deals that you may have never otherwise seen.


The DealMTRX platform allows you to manage the entire process from sourcing to closing and beyond. Manage your internal deal team and invite as many counterparties as you need. Use the purpose built platform to manage multiple lenders on multiple projects while easily navigating the complexities of NDAs, working group lists, term sheets, data rooms, and documentation. Everything is stored on a single secure platform.

Use the Discovery tool to augment your call list on any project. your With access to information on over 3,000 capital providers, including their contact information, investment criteria and prior transactions, advisory firms can filter, sort and invite multiple lenders to a project with ease.


The DealMTRX platform gives control of its collected data back to family offices. Become discoverable for relevant deal-flow across every asset class, every industry, and every capital structure, while maintaining your desired level of privacy. Get access to deals that you may have never otherwise seen.

DealMTRX by the numbers

Debt Capital Providers
Equity Capital Providers & Co-invest Partners
Private Equity Sponsors
Portfolio Companies
Investment Criteria Data Points
Industry Contacts
Investable Assets


Capital Discovery

AI-powered algorithmic elastic search of capital providers. Resulting in the best match based on investment criteria, asset class and past deals


One-click invitation, NDA exchange, counterparty tracking, Automatically updated Working Group Lists

Information Exchange

Purpose built deal-room
Electronic diligence tracking, submission and responses


Electronic term sheet exchange with multiple counterparties
Library of terms stored and indexed


Custom build Document Exchange software
Compare documents
Version control

Relationship Tracking

Record fees & interest
Track deals shown
Track liquidity & exposure

Data Security

DealMTRX ensures cybersecurity best practices for every stakeholder in your deals


DealMTRX is a new company with over 100 years of collective financial market and technology experience. Our team is led by people who have worked in private equity, lending and technology. We help borrowers (Private Equity Firms, Independent Sponsors, Banks, Brokers and Companies) and Capital Providers accelerate their transition from manual processes to simplified and highly efficient marketplace practices. Our approach to deal-flow introduces our clients to new opportunities in markets and facilitates fluid, data-driven decision-making. Our approach to portfolio management offers a simplified workflow yielding comprehensive results.

The platform is designed to ensure that firms seeking capital enhance and grow their counterparty relationships and empower selection based on data. Concurrently, the platform enables capital providers the flexibility to take control of their own discoverability for relevant deals with their desired level of privacy. The design also allows all data on a deal to be secured, shared, un-shared, and retrieved with ease.

As finance industry executives, we witnessed a lack of easy-to-use software solutions tailored to address a borrower's end-to-end capital market workflows. We have observed firms applying extensive levels of customization to CRMs and accounting tools.  We have seen firms struggle with enterprise solutions and also with desktop software.

In response, we developed DealMTRX as the first AI-powered end-to-end capital market workflow solution. We developed DealMTRX on the principle of software serving people—and not the other way around. The platform gives people more efficient workflows and faster answers to empower better decision-making.

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